Valuable resources to make you an even more terrific parent.

I got a request last week from a mom that was looking for good material to use for a devotional time with her 5 year old. As I poked around to see what was available I realized there are probably lots of busy moms and dads who don’t have time to look around and see what’s available.

So, here are just a few good books, websites and resources I think you will find helpful.


What’s In The Bible?
Who hasn’t heard of Veggie-Tales? The creator of the original VT was Phil Vischer. He now does an amazing series of videos called “What’s In The Bible?” My granddaughters love them and I love them because they teach – in a totally entertaining way – the Bible, not just topics from the Bible. Once your kids listen to these a zillion times, like they will, they will be able to explain some things to some seminary grads. Check them out on Amazon HERE.

PS (Phil’s Story) – I love this book by Phil. This is not a parenting book but it’s a captivating story where Phil gives a behind the scenes look at Veggie Tales and what he learned when the ministry was snatched away from him in court. Me, Myself and Bob


Focus on the Family
This was the go-to-source when I was parenting. Of course there were no websites then and all books were written on papyrus scrolls. But they are as relevant today as when my kids were growing up. Great organization for Christian families to connect with.

An awesome site for parents. Lots of resources, downloadable projects, freebies and helpful stuff. You gotta check this site out.


Spare the Rod: 5 Times You Should NOT Spank Your Child
I like this little book packed with good info written by a very humble author – me. You can order it Paperback or in Kindle OR you can simply sign up for this blog and get a free download copy.

Two Classics
Written by Dr Dobson, a Christian child psychologist, these have provided great insight for decades but both have recently been rewritten and updated.
Dare To Discipline – Answers to the toughest parenting questions and it has been recently updated.
The Strong-Willed Child – Even if your child is not strong-willed this has a valuable section on what you can expect of your kids at various ages – birth to 12 years old.

Child Training Tips
You have probably not heard of this one but I love it because it is very practical – packed with useful ideas and biblical sound principles. This is definitely one of my favorites.

It’s wise for us to learn from others and one way we can do that is through reading what successful parents have written. As President Woodrow Wilson said, “I not only use all the brains I have, I use all I can borrow.” The material above will help you borrow some brains.

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