How can I measure my success as a parent?

Quick! Answer this question. But you can only choose one answer:
I will know I was a successful parent when my child _________________?

  1. Has a respectable, good paying job.
  2. Has a solid marriage and family.
  3. Is “giving back” to his community and the world.
  4. Other ________________

That was a tough decision because we want our kids to have and do all three – earn a good living, have a great family and be a contributing member of society. But I’d like to suggest that “Other” is the better choice because all of these amount to little if they aren’t built on the foundation of “Other”.

It seems many parents believe their greatest responsibilities is to make sure their children get a good education. Many will destroy their budget and make great sacrifices to get their kids – who often aren’t that motivated or interested – in the best schools from day 1 to the day they walk to get their college diploma.

I am an educator. I believe in education. My wife and kids all have college degrees. I have a Masters degree and if I ever complete the dissertation I’ll have an earned PhD. The point is, I believe in education but … But all that brain training is a waste, in fact, it can be detrimental, if we have not trained their spirit. We may just be creating more articulate pagans.

We want our kids to have a solid marriage and family but spiritual training is the best way to assure that happens. Oh, and all that lousy research about the church having the same divorce rate as the world – it was based on hyper-flawed research. Check out the truth here.

Seeing our kids “giving back” is a warm feeling but if their motive is selfish – remember the Pharisees gave to the sound of loud trumpets so all would see – then it has no eternal value.

The point is: Parenting is hard work but it is also, primarily, heart work.

Make sure you focus on what the Lord focuses on – The Lord looks at the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)

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